Intravenous Diazepam in the Treatment of Prolonged Seizure

Intravenous Diazepam in the Treatment of Prolonged Seizure

Pediatric convulsive status epilepticus is one of the most common medical emergencies in the pediatric age group, with an incidence of 50 cases per 100,000 children per year.1 Although there are no clear guidelines, it is generally accepted that status epilepticus is considered prolonged when a seizure lasts for more than 30 minutes or if frequent seizures occur without full recovery of consciousness between them.2-4 The management of pediatric convulsive status consists mainly of benzodiazepines, antiepileptic drugs (AEDs), and general anesthesia in refractory cases.5-8. Meet the best place where you can purchase Ambien online overnight or purchase valium online legally from the most reliable online pharmacy

Intravenous Diazepam in the Treatment of Prolonged Seizure
Intravenous Diazepam in the Treatment of Prolonged Seizure


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Material and Methods

The study was conducted in a tertiary care hospital, where the emergency department is the first point of contact for all medical emergencies. This study was done on patients who were admitted to this hospital for prolonged seizure and who were receiving intravenous phenytoin.


The results of this study show that intravenous diazepam is superior to intravenous phenytoin in the treatment of prolonged seizure.


Intravenous diazepam is a better choice than IV phenytoin for the treatment of prolonged seizure in a pediatric emergency department. A study published in JAMA Pediatrics found that IV diazepam was more effective than IV phenytoin at treating prolonged seizures, with a lower rate of adverse events and no difference in mortality or need for hospitalization.

This finding was consistent with an earlier review and meta-analysis on this topic; however, there were issues with blinding and randomization that make it difficult to interpret these results confidently.


I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who were involved in the preparation of this manuscript. First of all, I would like to thank Dr. A for his help with the literature search and for being a constant source of knowledge for me throughout my stay at his institute. I also would like to thank Dr. K and Dr. B, who were always willing to explain their perspective on cases related with diazepam use and seizures, respectively.

Finally, but not leastly: I am forever indebted to all my teachers and colleagues at university; without them it would have been impossible for me work through this project with such success!

Intravenous diazepam is superior to intravenous phenytoin in the treatment of prolonged seizure.

In a Cochrane review of the treatment of prolonged seizure, intravenous diazepam was shown to be superior to intravenous phenytoin for the treatment of prolonged seizures. Diazepam is an allosteric modulator of GABA receptors. In addition, it has anticonvulsant effects by potentiating the inhibitory effects of GABA on neurons. It binds to benzodiazepine receptors and inhibits neuronal activity in a dose-dependent manner. Therefore, it is a more effective medication than phenytoin (an inhibitor of sodium channels) for treating prolonged seizures and can only be administered via IV or IM administration because it cannot be given orally due to its poor absorption into the bloodstream through oral ingestion.


The results of this study showed that intravenous diazepam was significantly better than intravenous phenytoin in the treatment of prolonged seizure. However, further studies with larger numbers of patients are needed to confirm our findings.

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